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Windsor Chinese Academy

GCSE, A Level and IB

GCSE Half Term Course

9am to 4pm

English, Maths, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Georgraphy, History

Cost from £200 per day  in our school

You save 5% off 2 courses, 10% off 3 and 15% off 4 or more courses

GCSE Chemistry Course

The GCSE course aims to give students a knowledge and understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles, while developing experimental skills. Students will also learn to form hypotheses and design experiments to test them. This is the same qualification you would achieve at school or college.

English Literature GCSE

Explore English Literature through a range of texts, some familiar and some new, but all will inspire and challenge you. With a greater knowledge of literary techniques, form, vocabulary and imagery, you’ll find you’re better equipped to understand exactly what the author is trying to convey and get more out of what you’re reading.

One to one tuition