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Windsor Chinese Academy

Mandarin Course

                                                                          Time    Table

                                              Class 1                                Class 2                               Class 3

9:30 to 10:30              Under 5’s playgroup                Adult   Beginner                  GCSE

10:30 to 11:30                      ZhongWen1                     ZhongWen2                        YCT1

11:30 to 12:30                       YCT1                                 YCT2                                ZhongWen3

                                                Class 4                              Class 5                             Class 6

9:30 to 10:30             YouErHanYu 1                         JinBu 2                             IGCSE

10:30 to 11:30                   ZhongWen3                     ZhongWen4                      HSK1

11:30 to 12:30                      HSK3                                HSK4                                 HSK2

                                                   Class 7                            Class 8                            Class 9

9:30 to 10:30                       Graphite Pencil            Chinese Calligraphy               Traditional Clothes

10:30 to 11:30                     ART                                     Debating                              Compute Scratch

11:30 to 12:30                   Table-tennis                        A-Level                                   BCT

                                                        Class 1                            Class 2                         Class 3

1:30 to 2:30                                Math  11+                             English  11+                        Debating Course

2:30 to 3:30                       UK Math Challenge               English Writing                      Chinese Dancing

3:30 to  3:40                         French 13+                             Latin 13+                              Scholarship 13+


What do we teach:

Saturday School : YCT1-4,  ZhongWen 1-4,   YouErHanyu:1-4

                                     HSK, HSKK,  BCT

                                    JinBu 1-2;  GCSE,  A level

After-School Club, Private Lessons, Lunchtime Conversation

Clients in Berkshire: St George’s School, Brigidine School, Heathfield School, St Peters Middle School, St Edmund Campion R.C. Newland Girl’s SchoolIMG_1314

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Class size: Average 10-15

Weekend classes are taught in either Mandarin or English. When you or your child first start the course, we’ll do a small assessment to determine which class is the most suitable class for you or your child.  The lessons have a structured routine which allows pupil to feel at ease and confident to interact in Mandarin. Lessons are taught by a team of specifically trained and experienced native Mandarin speaking teachers who are dynamic, caring and passionate about teaching. All the staff are CRB checked.Newyear2015-1 (2)


Under 5’s playgroup (9:30-10:25):– taught in Mandarin. 

Numerous modern scientific studies have demonstrated that the best time to develop young children’s potentials is at the age between 0-6. During this period, kids can acquire a new language faster and easier. Every kid can possibly form up two speech centers. However, if kids do not receive any stimulation of other language signal at their critical learning age, then the other speech nerve centre will never be activated. Interacting in Mandarin, our playgroup kids are led through different fun workshops such as Songs, rhymes, dances, sensorial activities, puppets…which are especially adapted to the language development of this age group.

5-8 years old

1.  Class 1 (10:30 – 11:30):  Level 1 – taught in English

This class is for complete beginners. The children will start from learning a foreign language in their familiar language first and gradually move to level 1 class where they will be immersed in Mandarin. The lesson involves lots of games and songs, covers all aspects of language with a focus on listening and speaking.

Text book: You Er Han Yu (幼儿汉语) and other customised materialsimages

2.  Class 2 (10:30 – 12:30):  Level 2 – taught in Mandarin

This class is suitable for children who can already understand basic Mandarin, although may not speak fluently yet. The teaching centres upon familiarising young students with Mandarin through a combination of songs, lessons and games to help build both confidence and interest in learning the language. The less on will also start to build their reading and writing skills.

Text book: Zhong Wen (中文) and other customised materials. Please note students are also required to buy the exercise books.

3.   Class 3 (11:30 -12:30): Level 3 – taught in Mandarin

This class is usually for children who have passed the assessment at the end of level 1 class.  If a child already on the same level it is still possible for him/her to join without taking the level  1 class.

Text book: Zhong Wen (中文) and other customised materials. Please note students are also required to buy the exercise books.

9-13 years old

1.   Class 1 : YCT 3

This class puts special emphasis on pronunciation, reading & writing. The material used are specially designed and customised for their age.

Text book: customised materials.

2.  GCSE and A/AS Level Chinese

The lesson covers speaking, reading, writing and listening and target Mandarin GCSE.

Adult : HSK 1-4hsk_1


  1. Email or call us to let us know your interest
  2. Download the registration form  £8 per session playgroup, £10 per Child for YCT, £12 for GCSE and A level student , £15 for Adult HSK
  3. Bring the registration form and the payment with you on the first day of your attendance and pay it by term please