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Windsor Chinese Academy


Culture Events

We  have different cultural and social activities and themed events open to people from different background but share the same interest in Chinese culture and language.



Morning Tea Time

Every Thursday

9:30am to 11:30am

Location:   Windsor

Tel :      07469718688


IMG_1603 (3)The events and activities generally include:

  • Chinese Language Club: to learn or improve your spoken Chinese.
  • Talks/lectures from Chinese writers, artists, etc on their work and China
  • Social events, networking, mix and mingle.
  • Celebrate important Chinese festivals.
  • Eat at yummy Chinese restaurants or secrete dinner party to taste authentic Chinese food.
  • Stroll through gardens and parks, picnics, trips one day.See movies, music gigs…
  • Visit museums and exhibitions.

Some events are family friendly, suitable for our parents and children to join together or specifically designed for Windsor Chinese Academy parents, others may be suitable for grown-ups only. Please follow the link below to find out more information about the events and how to join.

Business Events

Autumn Chinese Company Exhibition September in Windsorbg1


Welcome all Chinese Company

Upcoming Events