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Windsor Chinese Academy

The Wolf and the Sheep


Come listen to Class 2 (level 1) students reading a classic Chinese nursery rhyme – The Wolf and the Sheep. Class two is taught in Chinese, the children are also 5 – 8 years old. They look so cute trying to use their little fingers to point at the words and say the words  correctly! Having one of the parents being Chinese certainly is a big advantage, however we believe anyone who is willing to work hard will achieve the same level. We can all see it from the earlier post where Class 1 (level 0) students recite numbers from 1 – 10.

Our weekend classes are arranged in accordance with both the age and the level of the students. For the 5-8 years old, class 2 is suitable for children who can already understand basic Mandarin, although may not speak fluently yet. The teaching centres upon familiarising young students with Mandarin through a combination of songs, lessons and games to help build both confidence and interest in learning the language. The lesson will also start to build their reading and writing skills.

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